Tucson Escort Callie Smith's


Callie Smith Yamaha Jetski Lake Ass Shot

What Gallery would be complete and well done, without an Ass Shot and Jetski Fun? One of the great things about being an escort is probably the versatility and mobility.

Callie Smith Jetski Tits Shot

So I won’t lie and say my tits could have used a tan before I hit the lake, but I look great regardless! Furthermore, the view behind me is quite amazing as well!

A back end kitty cam shot in sexy underwear

Not the most amazing picture I’ve ever taken nor did I choose it due to an amazing comforter. But because my ass and legs look great in it, I love it! 😊

Elegant Smile of Callie Smith during a night out on the town. I think one of my sexy girlfriends borrowed that necklace and never gave it back. So, maybe she’ll bring it back someday, one can only hope! 😱

Posing in my new Sexy Pink Leopard Print Panties
Ass Shot Callie Smith in Pink Animal Print Panties
Ass Shot Callie Smith in Pink Animal Print Panties
Skull Sash combo Callie Smith Gallery
Smiley Callie Smith
Diva Sexy Callie Smith Playmate

So you can see the goods I have included a variety of pictures in my Gallery I update frequently. Because I have a good variety and quality photos, there is no reason you should be asking me for a picture.

Not that I would blunder giving you the EXIF data off of a photo because you are a stalker wanting GPS info, but I’m cautious. I am naturally available for photo shoots and have featured for pinup model photography in the past so let me know!

Photos on the horizon.

Whether it is simply me acting out on my eroticisms, or due to my watching 50 shades of gray too many times, I want more Fetish photos. Because the vast majority of people whether they admit it or not find leather, PVC, and Cosplay sexy as hell! So naturally I intend to sleeve out my gallery and photo collection with some kink!