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Callie Smith

Callie Smith
Callie Smith

Classy & Sweet

Hi boys, Callie Smith here, and thank you for stopping in to visit 😘. So if you’re looking for a date you’ll never forget with Tucson’s classiest, look no further!

I treat my gentlemen with courtesy and respect, so naturally, I expect the same.

Although I am not a native of Tucson, I know the area very well. So whether our plans are a quiet evening alone, or a night out on the town, I am very accomodating! 



I’m well known throughout Tucson, so my clients know that I keep my commitments.


Because I am a private woman, I respect your anonymity! The name is Callie Smith, not 🤗

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Name: Callie Smith
Ethnicity Caucasion
Age: 34 25-36
Height: 5’4″
Piercings / Tattoos No
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Body Type Thin and Petit
Cup Size 34C

Before Contacting Calle Smith

Please Read!

If you are an active member of law enforcement, such as the Tucson Police Department (in relation to the demographic), please do not take it personally but I must kindly request you not contact me for Escort services I provide. While I must admit you boys seem like lots of fun, escorting is a legal trade contrary to many people’s misconceptions.

That being said, because I don’t sell sex, so when contacting me, please do not saying something ridiculous implicating the purchase of sexual services. What my clients pay for is my time, and what happens between two consensual adults is nobodies business 😘.

Callie Smith Provides Maciej Sokolowski a tenured and experienced attorneys explanation of Escort
While some legal scholars will argue that the ultimate decisions are determined by a judge and jury, I follow all the guidelines of my retained lawyer, and nothing illegal is exercised with me and my trade.”
Callie Smith Pinup Bordello Plaid Shoes
The back end system at Callie Smith

Please, have a reference ready!

So what exactly do I mean when I say “Please have a reference ready?”

Due to it being a dangerous world, a lady
has to protect herself as well as her clients.

Providing me a name and website of an escort you’ve previously dated allows  for expedited verification.

Hey, not everyone frequents the escort  dating scene, so if  you  don’t  have a reference, don’t worry!

 I will gladly accept a legitimate social media account that I can verify you’re a legitimate person.

I certainly don’t want you to think I have anything against serial killers so don’t think I’m stereotyping.

Unfortunately,  I had to make a calculated business  decision and decide not to provide  my services to psychos! 🤗💕

-Callie Smith

"Rest assured, everything I hoped for, and I hope I made a new friend too!"

"Callie was very timely and punctual, and we had a wonderful time together!"


"Tucson has two types of Escorts, you have Callie, and then everyone else"

Tyler Ross